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Free Resources for u3a Bridge Group Leaders

These materials were originally prepared to support members of the NG34Bridge  'Play and Learn' Bridge Group attending lessons and workshops.  The content is in line with the 'Bridge for All'  national learning programme published by English Bridge Education and Development (EBED) and endorsed by English Bridge Union.


The resources are now available to u3a bridge group leaders. To access them you will need to register with NG34Bridge (it's free!).

NOTE!! Before attempting to register you will need to  email giving some background information (your u3a, your bridge group  etc.). 

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Beginner Bridge Lessons 

This is a preview version of the beginner lessons on bidding. These follow on from several months of  learning basic 'play' techniques using the excellent (and free!) No Fear MiniBridge resources (see MiniBridge tab, above). Only lesson 3 is active  in this preview.

1: Introduction & 1-Level Opening Bid
2: Response to Weak No Trump
4: New Suit Responses and Opener's Limit Rebids
5: Opener's  New Suit Rebid & Continuations
6: Overcalls (in a suit & in No Trumps)
7: Takeout Double
8: Pre-emptive Openings
10: Strong Opening Bids
11: Bidding Slams
12: Transfers

Improver/Intermediate level  Bridge Lessons 

1: Planning the Play in No Trumps
8: Overcalls (with WJOs and UCB)

This is a preview version .. Only lessons 5 and 11 are active. 

2: Planning the Play in a Suit Contract
3: Finessing
4: Stayman
12: Negative Double
13: Fourth Suit Forcing (to game)
7: Leads and Signals
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