This temporary free area for members and their bridge friends has been created in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

My 'homemade' video to introduce you to this amazing site.  

League Table, Pair Details, etc.. 

Click here for an up-to-date list of ng34bridge members and friends who who are active on BBO and have given permission for their contact details to be shared.

(Password protected) - if you don't know the password or have forgotten it please email me - see below

How to view and save hands in your personal archive. You can review them any time after you played them, play them again differently, and send them to your partner for discussion at a later date

Click to play a short video I prepared after our first Teams Match. 

Downloadable handout

A comprehensive series of 25 short (typically 3 minute) videos that tell you all you need to know about joining and playing on BBO, - for example, how to alert. 

On or around 12th May BBO made some changes to accommodate the surge in demand. This means that if you play in theh Casual Area (Acol Club, Relaxed Club etc.) you may encounter problems getting all your playmates to your table. This video explains the change, and the workaround.