Transfers Extension

Stayman or Jacoby Transfers when 5-4, 5-5 or 6-4 in the Majors?

There are several popular schemes. Click below  for a summary of the scheme advocated by English Bridge Education and Development. Make sure to discuss and agree it with your regular partner. Don’t assume!!

Breaking the Transfer/Super-acceptance

Super-acceptances are a useful and popular adjunct to “Jacoby Transfers,” so much so that they have become part of standardized bidding for most Bridge Players. The original advantage in using super-acceptances was that after a transfer to either Major suit by Responder, a super-acceptance by the 1NT Opener shows a hand that has the potential to produce a Game-level contract opposite many responding hands that would otherwise “pass” a simple acceptance. In addition, the use of super-acceptances act preemptively when Responder holds minimum values and the Opponents are potentially likely to compete following a “transfer,” and a subsequent “pass” by the Responder.