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Join one of our Introductory Zoom sessions

In the run up to the New Year (2023) we will meet on Zoom  on Wednesday afternoons (1.30pm). If you have not yet had time to attend one of our 'prep' sessions in the Barge and Bottle then this is an ideal opportunity to get started. You will learn how to practise playing MiniBridge on-line and will be up and running by the end of the first Zoom session (see below). As some have already discovered, it's VERY addictive.  
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Play MiniBridge

Play solo MiniBridge (FREE) on No Fear.
A great way to practise. You can replay, undo cards played, and read expert commentary on how to play each hand. 
What is a TRICK?
Not familiar with trick based card games (Bridge.Whist/Belote) ? Watch our 2 minute introductory video.
Interactive expert guide to MiniBridge
Play against the No Fear Robot. You can take back  cards or replay theh hand having read the expert commentary. 
MiniBridge Handout  (downloadable pdf document)

Beginner Bridge Course

In February 2023 we commence our our Beginner Bridge Course. In the  first two lessons we revisit MiniBridge from the very beginning before introducing full-blooded bridge in Lesson 3 
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