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Why Play Bridge?


Played by over 220 million people world wide, bridge is the most popular card game in the world. Bill Gates, Martina Navratilova, Jeremy Paxman, Stephen Fry,  Warren Buffet, Radiohead and Blur are numbered among its devotees. Just what is it about bridge that inspires such passion?  Click on the yellow boxes to find out why. 

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Courses for absolute beginners


Learn the basics in eight 2-hour lessons and then join our NextSteps+ group where you can play and learn under light supervision of an experienced player. You will have internet access to our great home learning/revision resources.  

Contact us to find out when our next Beginner Course starts. 


Check out some of our teaching / learning resources for beginners 

Beginner Course fees:

Enrolment: £20

Lesson fee: £4

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Phone: 07468 919182

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