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Our main group is made up mainly of members of our first beginner bridge classes in the spring of 2018 who are now attending to our Next Steps 'Play and Learn' sessions, with a mix of refresher 'mini-lessons' and supervised play. Click the yellow boxes to explore:
Each table/group chooses its own pace and style of play. Some tables will play in a relaxed, discussive style,  while others will play a more competitive format. And when each beginner course has been completed our new  'graduates' will join the NextSteps+ session,  receiving 'on the job' support/coaching from our guides. 
We occasionally run full lessons/ seminars on improver/intermediate level topics such as Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Slam Bidding, the Losing Trick Count.

   Next-Steps+  Fees

Enrolment:             £10

Member table money:  £4

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Tel: 07468 919182